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Having worked in the Construction industry for a number of years, we were familiar with what was, or in most cases, wasn’t available on building sites.

So back in 2010 Aim Hire was born starting in Tauranga. Our idea, to bring decent toilets to the building industry, simply, to “Aim Higher”.  Logically, the question was not what is the cheapest toilet we can import but what kind of toilet would I like to use – if I had to. The answer was simple, flushing toilets with a hand basin … and no urinals. (Urinals are great for Pubs but in a small enclosed cubical doesn’t ring my bells – or my nose!)

So, we started in the middle of a recession! Feed back was very positive and we began to grow. Starting with one truck and a container load of toilets to assemble. We have now built 11 trucks  and imported more than 1400 toilets to keep up with the growth of the different Aim Hire entities.

Aim Hire Limited was sold to friends in June 2015 and became Aim Hire Tauranga Limited.

Aim Hire Auckland was started in 2011 and has grown  rapidly since.

Aim Hire Hamilton started in June 2016 and is also growing rapidly.

The idea behind Aim Hire was to create a Family based business, where the staff become part of the Aim Hire Family.

The motivation was Service. Have a Great Product and back it up with Great Service. That’s why we would like to hear if we are or are not providing you with one of the best Plastic Portable Toilets available and Great Back up Service.